The Undergraduate Program in Management

Dr. H. Ardian Adhiatma, SE., MM

Ketua Jurusan/Program Studi Manajemen

Dr. Siti Sumiyati, S.E., M.Si

Sekretaris Jurusan/Program Studi Manajemen

The School’s History and Profile

The Undergraduate Program in Management (UPM) was established by the Sultan Agung Waqf Foundation (YBWSA) in 1962 under the auspices of Faculty of Economics at Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (Unissula). The UPM and Universitas Islam Sultan Agung are one of the oldest private Islamic programs and universities in Central Java, Indonesia.

In 2000s, the UPM received an accredited status by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) of the Indonesian Ministry of National Education with rank “A” which means the highest ranking. The best rating was successfully maintained for 4 periods by the UPM up to now.

The UPM has three majors, namely Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Islamic Financial Management. Facing the development of globalization in future, the UPM will develop majors by strengthening the digital, international, and Islamic values. All majors in the UPM lead to 5 values of the Faculty of Economics including curriculum, learning process, and Academic activities. As an Islamic university, the UPM must develop education and research that emphasize Islamic values in facing challenge in the world of education.